What Cities Are Near Bluffton, SC

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Charleston, SC

93 miles to Bluffton 

Charleston, South Carolina is a city about 93 miles away from Bluffton, SC. The town is considered a port city and was founded in 1670. In the city, you can find Fort Sumter, Waterfront Park, and Charleston Harbor. Known for its horse-drawn carriages, pastel antebellum houses, and the French Quarter. 

Savannah, GA

23 miles to Bluffton 

Savannah, GA is mostly known for being a coastal city in. Without a doubt one of the most popular parts of this city is the parks. One of the most important landmarks of this historical city is the Gothic-Revival Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. As you walk around the city, you’ll come in contact with Forsyth Park. 

Hilton Head Island, SC

8 miles to Bluffton 

Just a few miles from Bluffton, SC is Hilton Head Island. This city is mostly known for its location close to the Atlantic Ocean and the amazing golf courses. You can also find trees, gardens, museums and at the same time you can head to the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge where you can see alligators, deer, and birds! 

Sullivan’s Island, SC

70 miles to Bluffton 

Noted as a suburb of Charleston and located in Charleston County, South Carolina, you’ll find yourself at Sullivan’s Island. This town is known for its perfect beaches, restaurants, and even the small community that makes everyone feel super welcomed. Sullivan’s Island is named after Captain Florence O’Sullivan who settled here in the late 17th Century. He was stationed here as a lookout. 

Beaufort, SC

30 miles to Bluffton 

Beaufort, South Carolina is most known for its downtown historic district,  Beaufort River, and the Woods Memorial Bridge. The city itself was founded in 1711. Since the city was founded, several movies have been filmed here such as Forrest Gump, The Prince of Tides and The Big Chill. Beaufort is also known as one of South Carolina’s coastal Sea Islands.

Isle of Palms, SC

105 miles to Bluffton 

Isle of Palms is well known for the simple fact that it acts as a barrier island and a city at the same time. When visiting here, there is no shortage of beaches, restaurants, or things to do. You can also visit Fort Moultrie, which was a very important part of the American Revolution and the Civil War.

Folly Beach, SC

100 miles to Bluffton 

You can find Folly Beach right in South Carolina. Folly Beach is also well known for being right on Folly Island. Here, you can gain access to Folly Beach Pier, which goes around 1,000 feet into the ocean. The county park gives you access to picnic areas and plenty to sightsee.

Tybee Island, GA

43 miles to Bluffton 

If you’ve been to Savannah, GA, then you have most likely heard of Tybee Island. This Island is considered a barrier island. The most popular beach here is South Beach. While on Tybee Island, you can check out Fort Screven and Tybee Island Light Station and Museum. The beaches are also known for being very wide and beautiful, with so much to explore.

Brunswick, GA

106 miles to Bluffton

You’ll find that Brunswick is on the southeast coast of Georgia, which means there are four causeways that connect the city to 4 barrier islands of the Golden Isles. Like many of the cities close to the beach, you can find resorts and golf clubs. Keep in mind that Brunswick is also a historical city that is well known for its Victorian-era Old Town Historic District.

Mount Pleasant, SC

98 miles from Bluffton 

Visiting Mount Pleasant, South Carolina means you are experiencing one of the state’s fastest-growing areas. As time goes on, more people are choosing to move here. Mount Pleasant is known for being a nice suburban city with access to new job opportunities and several things to enjoy. You can even access the beach in Mount Pleasant from the Folly Beach Fishing Pier,

Kiawah Island, SC 

105 miles from Bluffton 

Kiawah Island is known as a sea island or barrier island in South Carolina. This island is known for having a stretch of about 10 miles of beaches! You can visit the sand dunes and the preserved maritime forests. Take note that most of this Island is considered a private beach and golf resort. 

Summerville, SC 

89 miles from Bluffton 

The town known as Summerville, SC is located just right outside of Charleston. This town is appealing to outsiders because it has a rapidly growing economy, amazing beaches, and it has low country charm. Some people would even go on to say that Summervilla could be listed as one of the prettiest places to live in South Carolina. 

Daufuskie Island

8 miles from Bluffton 

One thing to know about Daufuskie Island is that it’s located right between Hilton Head Island and Savannah. This island is also known as one of the South Carolina Sea Islands. Without a doubt, this town is well known for its good food and great views. Also, take note of its unique and underdeveloped islands.

Thunderbolt, GA

28 miles from Bluffton 

Thunderbolt is five miles southeast of downtown Savannah and is near the Wilmington River. This town is super important to Georgia’s shrimping industry. There are many seafood restaurants that tend to attract visitors, not to mention the beautiful picturesque views. An interesting fact about this city is that “Thunderbolt was named after an incident when a lightning strike caused a spring to open up.”

Saint Simons Island, GA 

112 miles from Bluffton 

Saint Simons Island is well known for being an island off the Georgia coast. You can’t miss fishing off the St. Simons Pier or even visiting East Beach for a day or two. You’ll come across the St. Simons Lighthouse (which was also rebuilt after the Civil War. St. Simmons Island has so much history, but one of the most exciting things is being near Jekyll Island and seeing migrating whales.

Wilmington Island, GA

34 miles from Bluffton, SC

Many would argue that Wilmington Island in Georgia is one of the best places to live in Georgia. It’s also considered a large and affluent suburb of Savannah. There are two really close bodies of water close to this city, the Wilmington River and the on the other by Bull River.

Lady’s Island, SC

33 miles from Bluffton, SC 

Lady’s Island is located in South Carolina. Sams Point Road is one of the most popular roads on the island and it takes you to Coosaw Island (only access available). Normal everyday people live here on this island, which means there are schools, places of business, and parks to enjoy.  Beaufort County Airport is located on Lady’s Island. 

Hardeeville, SC

15 miles from Bluffton, SC 

Hardeeville is one of the 10 largest municipalities in South Carolina. You can access Sgt. Jasper County Park and the Hardeeville Museum (inside City Hall). Make sure you check out the Catfish Festival and Fireworks & Fun Fourth of July Celebration, if you’re in town! The population of Hardeeville has seen an increase of over 150% since 2010.

Parris Island, SC

29.5 miles from Bluffton 

This city was first colonized by Europeans in 1562 and as of 2000, there were 4,841 people living on Parris Island. This location is most well known for the Stanley Kubrick war movie. Perhaps the Island is mostly well known for Parris Island becoming the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. 

Hampton, SC

Located 58 miles from Bluffton, SC

A smaller town located outside of Bluffton, SC is known as Hampton, South Carolina. This town was named after Wade Hampton III who was the sitting governor at the time. An interesting fact of this town is that the Hampton County Guardian is one of the oldest and longest-running newspapers in South Carolina.

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